Lean and Getting Leaner Since 1924

Third generation family businesses sometimes run out of gas, but not Regina Auto Body. We are one of Saskatchewan's leading auto repair businesses and we keep turning up the heat. By keeping our business lean. By keeping our process lean.

Continuous Improvement

The Mario brothers began developing a culture of kaizen, or continuous improvement, when they purchased the business from their father in the 1980s. They recognized that sustainable advancements in every aspect of their business would more likely come from 100 improvements of 1% rather than 1 improvement of 100%.

Chris, Greg and Mike have dedicated themselves to studying modern production processes. They value the input of front-line staff regarding efficiency and productivity improvements, and involve all stakeholders in developing the vision and goals of the company. They also collaborate with other collision repair professionals, suppliers and consultants in a spirit of sharing ideas and pushing the boundaries of current methods. Regina Auto Body has earned world-wide respect with our lean production processes and dogged pursuit of customer value.

People Before Product

The three areas that matter most to us are people, process and product, and we take pride in building people before product. Over 75% of Regina Auto Body's employees started in the detail department, learning process. Continuous updating of the latest repair procedures is provided internally, and staff are trained to understand the interdependence within our various departments and word towards the effective alignment of all facets of our business. Staff are also empowered to solve problems, make decisions and suggest changes.

World-class Standards

Delays in repair process are looked at as learning opportunities to improve and create value. The only vehicles on the premises are those that are being worked on, and the goals is for hands to be touching them at all times, which ensures the timely completion of repairs. If all tasks are performed to "world-class" standards, the customer will be satisfied that they have received value when they pick up their vehicle.

Like many well-designed products or processes, the result looks simple. By getting a little bit better, leaner and productive every day, the Mario brothers know that they can achieve success and make their business, and your experience, "world-class."